From 2009 - 2015, The Enthusiasts served the convention and cosplay communities with a fantastic one stop photography studio. 

In January 2016, we entered into an unofficial hiatus from photographing conventions as a photography studio.  We realized that we’d gone from doing work we loved & work that challenged us, to not looking forward to conventions any more. Working 15 hour days on the weekends on top of our full time careers took its toll.

We grew from a passion project into a flourishing independent business.  We took hundreds of thousands of photos, hundreds of hours of video, went to hundreds of conventions, and loved every minute of it. Our roster of photographers and clients grew exponentially; We have made so many life-long friends from our time working at conventions across the country. We have gotten to see so many amazing costumes, wigs, props, and more. We are honored to be featured so many cosplay portfolios.

We’re now focusing on enjoying ourselves again. Challenging ourselves with new photography projects both cosplay and non-cosplay related. Making costumes and props. Offering our expertise to local conventions in other aspects than just behind the camera. 

You might see our photo studio at the odd convention here and there, but for the most part, we will be having fun with the community we’ve worked so hard to serve for six years. 


Cosplay together. Be excellent to each other. Make cool stuff. Take awesome photos. Party on. 

-Mike and Jess 
The Enthusiasts